Robots for vertical molding machines:VW4 Series




  • Small-sized body
    ・Maximum 36% space saving with compact body design adopting Built-In controller.
  • Address bigger IMM
    ・ Maximum 20% longer main entry stroke than a previous model. (Maximum 1000mm)
    ・ Raise a vertical home position to 120mm higher position (Optional)
  • Stable take out
    ・ Higher rigidity by adopting linear guides for each axis and reviewing the size of frame.(Maximum 35% higher than a previous model)
    ・ Adding DUS system with many experiences with EX4 series. The DUS system is to reduce the stress on the shock absorber by changing the speed of the fast-moving arm.
  • Gripper
    ・ Adopting new and high rigidity RCH18 as standard.
    ・ L-shape Wide Gripper (Optional)


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