Basic policy

Recognizing the importance of personal information, the Company considers protection of personal information to be an important social responsibility. Toward this end, it complies with laws and regulations concerning personal information and properly collects, uses, and manages the personal information it handles.

Collection of personal information

he Company collects names, addresses, telephone nos., email addresses, and other information identifying customers at times such as when they download files or submit various application forms.


This Privacy Policy establishes policies with which the Company shall comply when it handles customers' personal information or similar information.

Purposes of use of personal information

The Company uses information provided by customers within the following scopes:


  1. For sale of Company products and provision of repair and inspection services
  2. To check on the details of inquiries and respond to them
  3. To send and distribute materials such as email newsletters, direct mail, and various notices
  4. To conduct promotional campaigns, surveys, reporting, etc.
  5. To provide, improve, develop, and market services
  6. To investigate matters such as acts in violation of terms of use and other provisions
  7. For other purposes to which customers have consented individually

Management of personal information

To ensure the accuracy and security of personal information, the Company implements thorough security measures and takes necessary and appropriate security steps to address risks such as those of leakage of, alteration of, and unauthorized access to personal information.
The Company employs Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption to prevent third parties from reading or altering important information.

Provision of personal information to third parties

The Company will not provide personal information to third parties except when there is good reason to do so, including in the following cases:


  1. With the consent of the individual concerned
  2. In accordance with laws and regulations
  3. As necessary to protect human life, health and safety, or property
  4. As necessary for purposes of public health or the sound raising of children
  5. When cooperating in administration by national agencies and similar bodies as specified by laws and regulations (e.g., tax audits or statistical surveys)


The Company may entrust personal information to other businesses within the extent necessary to achieve the purposes of use.

Inquiries concerning personal information

Requests for disclosure, correction, cessation of use, etc. of personal information will be responded to in accordance with applicable laws. Contact us for specific information on how to make such requests.


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Access analysis

The Company uses Google Analytics to analyze and improve the Site.
This service uses cookies to collect traffic data. Traffic data are collected anonymously and cannot be used to identify individuals.


While the Company strives as much as possible to ensure that its content and information are accurate, no guarantee is provided regarding its accuracy or safety. Note that the Company is not liable for any damages arising from the content posted.
26.    The Company is not liable for information, services, etc. provided by other sites accessed by links, banners, etc.
The content posted by the Company is subject to change without notice.

Copyright, rights of likeness

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Please contact the individual rights holders concerning any issues in the content posted. Such inquiries will be responded to swiftly.


In principle, the Company permits free linking to its site. No permission or notification is required for such linking. When linking to the site, please clearly indicate the source and link to the appropriate page.
However, please refrain from linking directly to image files or linking in a manner that would display the linked file inside another HTML page using inline frames.

Revisions to this Privacy Policy

The Company will review the content of this Privacy Policy and strive to improve it as appropriate.
This Privacy Policy is subject to change without prior notice.
Revisions to this Privacy Policy shall take effect upon the time the Company posts them.

Address any inquiries to:

HARMO Co., Ltd., Administration Division

Tel.: +81-265-72-0111 (main switchboard)