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Trade Name HARMO Co., Ltd.
Factories Locations
ZIP 3994595 4124-1 Minamiminowa, Kamiina, Nagano

  • Contact Center for Product Inquiries
    TEL: +81-265-73-3699
  • Administration & Finance Division
    TEL: +81-265-72-0111 (Main line)
  • International Sales Division
    TEL: +81-265-73-8820
  • Project Quality Assurance Division
    TEL: +81-265-73-8861
  • Business Promotion Division
    TEL: +81-265-73-3699
  • Technical Division
    TEL: +81-265-73-2773
  • Manufacturing Division
    TEL: +81-265-73-2765
  • Purchasing Division
    TEL: +81-265-73-2775
Ina Factory Address ZIP 399-4501 7621-10 Nishi-Minowa, Ina, Nagano

  • Peripheral Device Manufacturing Division
    TEL: +81-265-76-5061
  • Processing Division
    TEL: +81-265-76-1041
Minowa Factory Address ZIP 399-4601 10320-9 Nakaminowa, Minowa, Kamiina District, Nagano

  • Part Manufacturing Division
    TEL: +81-265-75-5600
  • Offices in Japan: 14
  • Overseas offices (subsidiaries): 8
  • Overseas representative offices: 1
  • Overseas factories: 1

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Establishment June 19, 1962
Capital 290,500,000 JPY
President Hideaki Hama
Business Activities Development, manufacture, and sales of industrial robots (automatic pick-up equipment for injection molded parts), and streamlined peripheral devices for plastic molding machines
Group Hama Foundation,HARMO Museum

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Company history


Started as Shin-etsu Denshi Sangyo Co., Ltd. in Kohan, Okaya City, Nagano
Started development, manufacture, and sales of general automatic controllers

1969 Developed and launched three types of molded plastics unloaders (ATOM) and three types of verification systems
1972 Changed the company name to “HARMO Co., Ltd.”
1980 Established an overseas subsidiary in Singapore
1981 Established the Ina factory in Ina City, Nagano
1988 Established an overseas subsidiary in Malaysia
1990 Established an overseas subsidiary in Thailand
Opened the HARMO Art Museum
1992 Established and transferred to new headquarters factory in Minamiminowa, Kamiina District, Nagano
1996 Released the SPC Series of grain cutters
Certified according to ISO-9001
1997 Hideaki Hama became the President and CEO of HARMO
2005 Released the HRX Series of robots
2008 Released the EX III Series of robots
2009 Opened the HARMO School
2010 Established an overseas subsidiary in Shenzhen, China
2011 Established our first overseas factory in China (HARMO (SUZHOU) CO., LTD.) in Suzhou, Jiangsu
Released the SPC II Series of grain cutters
Released the EXZ Series and HRX II Series of robots
2012 Established an overseas subsidiary in Shanghai, China
2014 Established an overseas subsidiary in the United States
2015 Released the EXZ II Series and EX4 Series of robots
2016 Established an overseas subsidiary in Indonesia
Established an overseas subsidiary in Vietnam
2017 Released the HRX III Series of servo drive robots
2019 Started the “HARMO Channel” on YouTube
Released the LM Series of automatic packing machines
2020 Released the Total Link system
Established a representative office in Mexico
2021 Established the Sendai Sales Office, Kitakami Satellite Office
2022 60th anniversary of the company
Established a showroom in the Ashikaga Sales Office
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